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This is really deep...

i feel guilty for that Zubat....T_T


Chrisso responds:

Haha thanks!

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This is Genius! Can't say anymore, Pants exploded...

I gotta say i enjoyed Playing this, this is one of a kind And i cannot wait to try it out once more!

I actually had fun! Nice one!

XYsquid responds:

Awesome :D thanks!

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Man its Great to hear A lot of People from different Countries Singing this song Blasting on the Radio Here in Dipolog City...I didn't know a lot of people actually liked this song as well...oh well, i guess it is Popular WorldWide...

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

Thanks! :D yeah it's a pretty popular song.

sad to say i think what you did was Slow the track down and Added a few things to it..i dunno if this is an actual remix or a slow-down of a track with a Drum beat....sorry.

This kinda reminds me of Oblivion or Daggerfall. . .Lord of the rings stuff...

But Yeah, Nostalgia Wins by Force. You gain My Respect.

EagleGuard responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Facking Nostalgia on the Local Arcades...This was Me and Bro's Favorite level (Zombie Vomit Cannon Anyone?) And This Just Floods Back the Times we had a good run on this... You sir, Are Awesome. Im Probably Gonna Turn My Spare Motherboards into a NEO GEO Arcade Station...

funymony responds:

YESSS! I used to work next to an arcade, so I'd always get a game or two in.
I grabbed the anthology on the Wii a few years back and now I use it to test my friendships. >8)

This Kinda Freaks Me out a bit...But This is one Hell of a good Job Man!

Chibazato responds:

Oh awesome! glad you like it! Yeah it's supposed to be a bit freaky but fun as well

Do Fap That Much to get that much Jizz....hmmm...that would be a Hell lot Painful wouldn't it?

Hi! My Name is Demon1000. (also known as deadrobby) I make Indie Games And music for fun And enjoy sharing my work to other people.so far i hope that i can post as much as i can to this site so thanks for checking me out.....in a manly non-homo way...

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