2017-04-13 23:51:23 by demon1000

Hey Everyone, I know it has been a long time since i wrote anything and it has been quite busy here lately but i can finally write something here and tell you the things i have been through... this is probably gonna be a long post i guess...


So Hey, I turned 17 as of today and i feel a slight difference in me already...okay maybe not... but going back to a few days earlier, I passed on my requirements and I am Now a few steps to College! No Toga Needed for this... Just a white polo...nothing special about that i guess...meh, But there is one thing that bothers me though... I was told to choose a course for College and i have no idea what to choose... so if anyone can help me make a decision here, that would be great... Going for IT but should i do:


Thanks Fam!



So i Noticed That it has Been 3 Years since i started doing music Producing and pixel art... and as much as i can  say... i can't thank everyone for the journey i am still on... Made new friends, lost a few, and got to know a little about them... and so on... I can definitely say that Newgrounds Will definintely be a part of me no matter how long it is... As soon as i start working, I won't hesitate to Be a supporter for the Fam.


Well Good news/Bad news Time!

Good News: I will finally Have my own Desktop PC To work on this week! Finally i can start making better projects, Web Games I promised(GIVE ME MORE TIME FAM PLEASE T_T) and maybe even animations! well its not a new computer to begin with but it can run fast for sure!

Bad News: I cannot make anything at the moment because well... The computer i used for 2 and a half years will be for business use only so i cannot put anymore files in the PC...damn

And The computer i will receive is Windows Vista...VISTA...thats the main reason why it was slow damnit! 

And it has a broken Video Card...But i can solve that problem since i have a few already.... a bunch of 128mb Vcards and one 256mb video card...Meh i'm alright with that!

Thats the end here... other than freaking out if i will make the deadline for the AIM Contest...Damn once again...


So that is pretty much all to say so






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2017-05-05 15:16:36

Happy late birthday bro!

demon1000 responds:

Thanks jack!