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Hey Folks! I can't believe that a few things that happened this week couldnt have made me happier than ever!

I got 71 Followers as of today, got frontpaged once again, And i managed to get my PC to play skyrim! ON A POTATO TOASTER!

. . . . Okay, off topic. . .

But yeah, anyways I can't thank you enough guys once again for following me and the Frontpage And Thank you Tom for making this site, something to keep me Positive with!

Last week was Really not a good week in my place. . . but hey, this made everything recover and im back on a jolly side once again. . .

More Projects being made soon and Hopefully i'll Be Posting a game soon. . .So



2017-09-22 04:56:40 by demon1000

Happy Madness Day Everyone and have a chaotic Day today! I remember being introduced to madness when i was 7, Good years and a Good fun. . . Man its already been 10 years since i first saw these stuff and I am glad that im still into it. . . Thanks for giving me a good memory to remember @Krinkels  And i hope you get a lot a Support today!

And now the link to this year's Madness Track...

Happy Clockday Newgrounds And I am Happy to say I am glad to See another Year With Clocks once again!


I also Happen to Finally Getting That Computer I asked! FINALLY! Its not that Strong, But its Alright for me! . . .Well, it was just gathering Dust in the Storage Area Anyways. . . So Hopefully I can start those Games i was Always Dreaming About! 

And aside From that, If you Folks living in or Near Dumagette in Mindanao and went to the Grand Opening of CHAPTERS CAFE, Seeing a Weird Blond Guy wearing a Blue and Red Cloak or a guy looking like The Little Prince. . . That was me. . .Just sayin. . . 

I will Post my Submission For Clock day and That will be all for now! so


Another song of mine got frontpaged after posting it Last night and i can't be any happier than This! Surely i have been struggling with making a new track every month but i'm glad to say that This one, I am satisfied with.3115543_149888158251_FRONTAPGE.png

I can't thank you enough Newgrounds For Another FrontPage! (First one was that Madness track i did on September.)


60+ Followers!

I'm Getting Highier Bit By Bit! . . . no, not that kind of high. . . and once again i am greatful for your support!

Thanks to the 5 Followers: @thekekemaster  @skiddle  @arnaugg9  @crys18pvp  @jefrysvofficial  

for following me!

Well once again waiting and waiting... and hoping for the PC to arrive soon... so thats pretty much all i gotta say so


Sorry For Disappearance Folks!

2017-06-22 23:23:53 by demon1000

Sorry folks it has been awhile, ever since now i haven't been able to get that PC as of today... I am just hoping i can get it working very soon before July And i am trying to keep posting 2 songs every month while i still can. I hope things will get better soon this july...i will be doing a Visual Graphics scholership and if anyone can give A few Advices on it, I would be More than happy to hear...

anyways moving on,


If you Guys Have the time, Try Playing Crypt Shyfter: Frostfall if you can. Its a fun Text-Based Adventure game I enjoyed a few moments ago. Its still under-judgement so Do leave a rating if you can to Help The Dev!


3115543_149818808133_Untitled.pngit was Quick, But fun as well... Hope you can more stuff like this Man! 


So i haven't got much to say probably until July So thats pretty much for today...So



Hey Everyone, I know it has been a long time since i wrote anything and it has been quite busy here lately but i can finally write something here and tell you the things i have been through... this is probably gonna be a long post i guess...


So Hey, I turned 17 as of today and i feel a slight difference in me already...okay maybe not... but going back to a few days earlier, I passed on my requirements and I am Now a few steps to College! No Toga Needed for this... Just a white polo...nothing special about that i guess...meh, But there is one thing that bothers me though... I was told to choose a course for College and i have no idea what to choose... so if anyone can help me make a decision here, that would be great... Going for IT but should i do:


Thanks Fam!



So i Noticed That it has Been 3 Years since i started doing music Producing and pixel art... and as much as i can  say... i can't thank everyone for the journey i am still on... Made new friends, lost a few, and got to know a little about them... and so on... I can definitely say that Newgrounds Will definintely be a part of me no matter how long it is... As soon as i start working, I won't hesitate to Be a supporter for the Fam.


Well Good news/Bad news Time!

Good News: I will finally Have my own Desktop PC To work on this week! Finally i can start making better projects, Web Games I promised(GIVE ME MORE TIME FAM PLEASE T_T) and maybe even animations! well its not a new computer to begin with but it can run fast for sure!

Bad News: I cannot make anything at the moment because well... The computer i used for 2 and a half years will be for business use only so i cannot put anymore files in the PC...damn

And The computer i will receive is Windows Vista...VISTA...thats the main reason why it was slow damnit! 

And it has a broken Video Card...But i can solve that problem since i have a few already.... a bunch of 128mb Vcards and one 256mb video card...Meh i'm alright with that!

Thats the end here... other than freaking out if i will make the deadline for the AIM Contest...Damn once again...


So that is pretty much all to say so





Gawddammit i wake up with the alarm beaming APRIL FOOLS DAY and Realizing that i havent said a word since january 21! Why did this happen? I was busy with work and finishing up this years school year and I can't do any work on the damn computer i make Tracks and Games on!!! Family problems...hehe.... just my Ibook G4 in this cruel world... So i might as well Just become solar Powered Just like The Site itself and maybe last longer And hopefully i should be alright!

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Aw crap The Screen is turning dark... Aw Crap! Its not Even Sunny!!!! Its Cloudy today Damnit!!! NO PLEASE DON'T SHUT DOWN ON ME!!!



-site is on shutdown mode. please place your computer near the sun...


2017-01-21 05:17:38 by demon1000

Hey everyone, Just gonna make this quick,

Today is one of my favorite events on newgrounds and finally within giving enough time, i made my track and ready to submit... Well, can't wait to see other people's submissions this year, so HAPPY PIXEL DAY EVERYONE!!!

my submission:

So a new year is now here, And Who knows what may happen this year... so uh... lets hope good things are going to happen... Right?

Right now, i am trying to get an old ibook G4 working again due to software failure... and i don't have the tiger Install Disk... @#$%... so if i can get that running, then i may be able to make more stuff here...i guess? i don't know... i guess i'll probably play WOW in it...

A new track will be made on 7th-10th of january so hang in there if you guys are waitin...

And last, This was all i can do before new year's day so my final track for 2016

pretty much all to say so here are a few mentions...


Happy New year man! 


How's life going with Satanic McDonalds?


Happy New Years! Can't wait to see a new track soon!


is The Ship Still sailing? (;_____;)


Happy New years Man!


Getting ready for Pixel Day!


Please Stay Hyper as you always are this year!


Hows the Freak Fortress Mod Going?


Looking forward to your next Game!


Dubstep! MOAR WOOB WOOB WOOB! Jk! but Great Track man!

Well That is all to say i guess... So



2016-12-24 00:46:05 by demon1000


hey everyone, Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating tonight, And have a happy Holiday! 
Now I just want to say that this year... 2016... was certainly a blast... There were good times, and bad times, and those Straight out of the logic weird times... but it had a whole different way than Last year... 2016 has made me into something else on newgrounds... I have met great friends, heard their stories, and shared a lot of happiness... although there were times were it was sad and it made me feel guilty because i couldn't do anything to help... and it did leave me depressed... but aside from that, I'm happy that i met  some of the most awesome Artists, musicians, and those people who made this site the best thing to happen for us all... When i finally get a proper job at First year college @Tomfulp , i will definitely get that supporter Badge! 
So that is all i can say... and now... that Genre Pick Track...

Well i hope i have enough time to do a New year's Track, so